Order Premium Custom Bot

Premium Custom Bot

Delve has amazing services. That's why we want to share them with you! Order a Premium Custom Bot now, and get free hosting* with your bot now!

What does this service deliver?

One of our Premium Custom Bots comes with:

  • Custom Prefix

  • Custom Name

  • Custom Icon

  • Change Status

  • A total of 30 custom commands (room for negotiation)

What is the Returns Policy for this Product?

Unfortunately, we currently do not accept a returns policy as the hard working developers need to be paid! However, if you don't feel that you received what you paid for, or want more, please open a ticket with us and we will revise your product and the Developer in charge.

Am I legally bound?

At Delve, we do not LEGALLY bind you to anything; all we ask of you is to follow our Terms Of Service to ensure a safe transaction.

Please note that we can and will remove your access to our services if we see fit.


To create, develop, and run a Discord Bot, or any application at all, you need a good host. A host is a company who runs the application for you, using their resources.

You have a few different options regarding hosting.

Free Hosting*

  • You can use free hosting if you would like, to host your application/bot. We will run this for free, however, there may be downtime and high ping. Free Hosting is our Most Common Hosting Plan sold.

VPS Hosting

  • You are able to use VPS hosting. VPS' are only needed for big bots, with big features, bots that are on a lot of servers, or bots that are in big servers. This is most likely only needed if your bot will be in a large server. Prices start from $4.50/month.

Docker Containers

  • Docker Containers are perfect for small servers (under 5k) and are still powerful for larger ones. Prices start from $2.99/month

*Free hosting is provided by a free host, which may shut down at any given time without notice. There may be larger response times, ping, longer downtime, and a generally worse performing bot by using a free host compared to our premium hosting plan.