We have strict rules that we abide by to create a better place for both Delve Developer's and Delve Clients!

When following our Legal guidelines, make sure that you understand them completely and comprehend the actions associated with each Legal Guideline.

The following guidelines should be followed both on the Delve Development Server and on our associated sites, platforms, applications, ect.

The legal rules are as follows:

1. (server) Do not spam mention anyone. If you are caught 'pinging' people on our server, you will be punished. In a short explanation, this is counted as having a list of people in one message, or many messages, and mentioning many people for no reason. This is bannable from both our affiliated services and our server

2. (server) Do not use racial slurs or the 'n word.' Doing so will get you banned from our server and maybe our affiliated services. If you do not know what a racial slur or the 'n word' is, I suggest you not to use them. The excuse 'I didn't know what it is' is not a reasonable excuse.

3. (affiliated services) Do not exploit or distribute bugs, ideas or otherwise dangerous knowledge of the company to other users/people/bots. If you are caught distributing or exploiting bugs in the programs, you will be banned. This means to attack or abuse certain programming 'glitches' or 'bugs.' This is a bannable offences.

4. (affiliated services) Do not attack the server, Discord bots, or otherwise Delve Development owned software/hardware. This includes DDOS attacks, or otherwise lethal/harmful actions against any software/hardware affiliated with Delve Development. Doing so will get you banned from all affiliated services, servers, and reported to Discord.

5. (server) Do not send links, files or otherwise harmful software/images/text into the server or affiliated services. This will result in a ban from our server, and maybe worse. Sending pornography or otherwise harmful images will result in a ban from our server. However, sending files that can harm ones internet, computer, or themselves, is strictly against the Delve Development policy and will result in a ban from all affiliated services, the server, and a report to Discord about your behaviour. It is important that you also do not send images depicting gore, hate, sexism, racism, or homophobic slurs/insults. This is not tolerated at all within Delve Development.

6. (server) You must follow the Discord Terms of Service and Community guidelines. Depending on the severity, you may be banned. A full list of these recourses can be found at